About the Death Agency

Swiss Skeli opens Death Agency door

The Death Agency is a project of Renée Magaña. It is an artistic investigation into the bright side of Death. Swiss Skeli is the caretaker of the Death Agency. Knock on his door, enter, have a look around.

According to the dictionary, an agency is “an office for collecting or distributing news or information, coordinating work, or performing specified services.” The Death Agency is a virtual museum and shop for momento mori artwork and unique urns dedicated to the individuality of death.

In 2024, a podcast and an online library of Magañas years of research and resources exploring the intersections between death and life will also be made available.

Skeleton Hand

 Did you know…?

Death is the only thing every person on the entire planet has in common. Death will visit the rich and the poor, presidents and prisoners, the sick and in some rare cases even the healthy. But in spite of this we suppress Death. We cannot talk about Death the way we would talk about the birth of a child or a wedding, yet it is the last major event in our lives.

At the present time, we have created a Death denying attitude within our society. The social mourning rituals of only a few centuries ago are no longer tolerated and dismissed. In Switzerland there is no longer a culture of talking about Death. But think about it, in 2022, almost 75000 people died in Switzerland. If you can imagine that for every person who has died, 4 people mourn their loss, then already over one quarter of a million people have been involved with Death.