Motifs & Inspiration

Aircrafts, Ships & Dirigibles

If Bücker airplanes, helicopters the Titantic, Zeppelins or even hot air balloons are your thing, then this is the motif for you. On the lid: a small model airplane flying around with a battery-powered motor. A model propeller. A REGA urn? For people who want to have an urn according to special ideas, I design according to individual specifications. Each object is unique.


The bird has flown away. Urns with bird motifs for bird lovers*. Hand painted birds of all kinds and decorated with fabric flowers, glass balls or plastic birds.


Choose your favorite fish. Or you have a fly collection? We can find a way to integrate these onto the urn.

Flowers, Plants & Insects

These urns are for all the garden lovers! Flower meadows with native flowers and insects or a more ornamental flower painting inspired by the Renaissance. I can combine collage, painting, fabric flowers and rustic shapes, but I can also add dried flowers and organic materials. I can accommodate any plant or flower wishes.

The Hunt

Our hunting motifs are the ultimate urn for hunters.

I can add many traditional motifs like acorns, oak leaves, deer heads and guns, I can use silhouette, plaster, painting. If you have a trophy, I can use it on an urn. Everything is possible!

Mountains and snow

Are you a skier, a hiker or is mountain climbing your passion? Then a themed urn is just right for you! Let me paint your favorite mountain landscape. I'll add snowflakes from doilies, snow from cotton balls and a forest on top. Pine cones, deer figurines, anything goes.



This urn design is made especially with mushroom collectors in mind. The urn with mushroom motif is painted with typical mushrooms found in Switzerland during the gathering season. The urn can be rotated on its axis to show the mushrooms of the season. Spring shows morels. Summer is full of chanterelles, parasols and jelly funnels. The bovists, earth star and porcini are for fall. On top is a forest landscape.

Here the mushrooms are painted on a forest green background. It is possible to use a different background color and any combination of mushrooms is possible.