Talking to Death

The Podcast: “Talking to Death”, with Swiss Skeli -> COMING 2024

Talking to Death Podcast

Here death receives a voice. He is our host and the main guest. Death is just another part of life and Swiss Skeli is a lovable Grim Reaper. The audience is invited to get to know him through his talks and discussions about death in science, literature, culture, history, food and current events.

The first season has 10 half-hour to 45 minute segments.

Podcast Content (The Skeletons in the Closet, a rough overview)

Obituraries and Famous Quotes start off the podcast and set the theme.

For example: “Death is democratic. In the end they all become skeletons, no matter whether they were blond or brunette, poor or rich.” – José Guadalupe Posada

Reading Death

The term “calavera” can also refer to a type of poem. These are rhymed mocking poems that may poke fun at living politicians or other prominent citizens, or be written about friends and relatives. The tradition of these types of satirical poems dates back over 500 years. They can be found in Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and other parts of Europe. They were often part of the "Dance of Death" (called the “Totentanz” in German and "Danse Macabre" in French). The Dance of Death was also a type of play performed in the 14th century reminding people that everyone is mortal.

In “Reading Death” Swiss Skeli will share his favorite authors and their literary accomplishments on the subject of Death.

Watching Death

Discussions on death in films, television series and art.

Feeding Death

Swiss Skeli will be interviewing chefs, cooks and foodies with uncomfortable questions such as: provided that you could plan your funeral dinner what would it be? Have you, yourself ever experienced food in funeral and mourning rituals?
Were you ever asked to cook for a funeral? If not would you? (Why or why not)
Is there a dead person you would cook for. Why and hat would the menu be? He will also share historical recipes and search for deathly good meals.

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