How to commission a custom Urn

A commissioned, individually designed urn costs Fr. 700.- (plus shipping costs). These urns are ready between 3-14 days from order confirmation, depending on the required time and procurement of any additional decoration materials.

Please email me with your name and telephone number: I usually reply within 24 hours.

We will than discuss the time frame until the urn will be with you. Usually, the order time for an custom urns is between 3-14 days from order confirmation, depending on the complexity of the design. If someone dies earlier or unexpectedly, there is the option of keeping the deceased person in a transitional urn. This is usually organized by the funeral director. After the Unique Urn is finished, the ashes can be transferred.

Some questions that help me create a design:

What were the preferences and hobbies of the deceased that could become a design theme? Whether a cheesemaker, accountant or photographer, any profession or hobby can be the beginning of a design.

Favorite colors?

Favorite animals?

A favorite place (beach, forest, room)?

I work from photos. Please mail them in the highest possible resolution to: From these I develop the design. Many things are possible however I do not do portraits on urns. If you are interested in a portrait with the ashes of the deceased, please contact me.