Mushy Skeli & The Fungi Kingdom Videos


One of Renée Magañas first Skeli creations was "Mushy Skeli", based on the alter ego of her husband Martin "The Mushroom Man" Möll (1972-2019). Probably the most consistent project of Möll (also an artist) was his band "The Fungi Kingdom" (2014-2019). The band core consisted of The Mushroom Man (lyrics & vocals), Nicolas Bangerter (music & guitar), Gregor Gilg (drums) and Markus Gneupel (bass). At the concert/performances songs exclusively about mushrooms were performed. Between the songs, scientific texts on mushrooms, mushroom collecting advice, mushroom cooking recipes and mushroom haikus were read.

After Möll’s death in 2019, Magaña was approached by Nicolas Bangerter to collaborate on a new project: “The Adventures of Mushy Skeli”. In these short animations, the primordial Mushy Skeli, ruler of the Fungi Kingdom, undergoes many ordeals. He is a clumsy yet lovable Skeli, not unlike the alter ego he was based on.

“The Adventures of Mushy Skeli” are inspired by some band music and haikus, but also contain new drawings, stories and music compositions by Magaña & Bangerter.

All animation: Nicolas Bangerter

Original music by: © Nicolas Bangerter /The Fungi Kingdom

Original drawing material: © Swiss Skeli/Renée Magaña

More films are planned and are dropped SPOREradically.

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The Primordial Fungus

Mushy Skeli was born in the Fungi Kingdom after that well known Big Bang. He is one of the very few primordial Skelis still with us today. He floated through time and space as a microscopic spore, until he saw this little green and blue planet hovering
around a sun and thought that might be a cool place to land. The little spore touched down and proceeded to send out his thread-like hyphae, growing in the soil by adding new cells to their tips. The mycelium grew, branching out in all directions, forming an elaborate network of mycelia under the soil (Mycelia are masses of hyphae).

One day, Fungi Skelis started plopping up all over the new world: milk cap Skelis, black trumpet Skelis, yellow foot Skelis, pig’s ear’s Skelis, dotted stem and what-not-boletes Skelis. Unruly situation! And so Mushy Skeli was called upon to be the ruler of the Fungi Skeli Kingdom. Musy Skeli is very adorable and he likes to write haikus when he is not out collecting mushrooms. Here is the video of his creation.

The Bone Doctor

In this Mushy Skeli Adventure called “The Bone Doctor” Mushy Skeli uses his powers as King of the Primordial Fungi Skeli Kingdom to help a little friend.

Did you know there is an entire scientific field dedicated to studying the symbiotic relationships between birds and fungi? It is called ORNITHOMYCOLOGY. There are many species of birds that eat fungi or use fungi to build their nests.

Woodpeckers seem to have a sixth sense for the fungi when they build their nests in living trees. In the book “Birds of America” (1917) Gilbert Pearson notes that: “Wise lumbermen do not cut a tree that has a nest of this bird in it, for if they do they will have their labor for nothing. The tree has a dead heart. How the little woodpecker knows this in advance has not yet been revealed.”

The Bonofone

Mushy has gotten himself into a bit of a precarious situation in a massage parlor and discovered the BONOFONE….

Bone Chair Fundamentals

A few friends of Swiss Skeli and La Catrina headed for the west coast of Mexico for a bit of R&R. Swiss Skeli lost his parents in 1875 to the the volcano Ceboruco near Playa los Muertos, Puerta Vallerta, a couple hours to the north of Acapulco. Mushy Skeli decided to visit the volcanic hotspot beach for a little R&R of his own.

The Mushy Mobile

Mushy Skeli would like to share the Mushy Mobile with you. Based on the French Citroën C4 and C6 models of 1929, the style was said to be heavily influenced by American counterparts of the same time period. But just remember in France, the new model was considered exactly that: new! For those of you who don’t know: at the dawn of time you were able to hand crank these cars to start them. Mushy Skeli will now demonstrate the correct way to start the Mushy Mobile.

Saturday Night Bone Fever

Hommage Saturday Night Fever: John Travolta eat your heart out!

The H(a)unting I

Part one of a haunted hunting...

The H(a)unting II

Part two of a haunted hunting...


Swiss Skeli and his tireless animators youngest fan, Ms. Maya-Little Skeli (she has a cameo!!) provided us with the story for this special Christmas Video for Mushy Skeli. A Creepmas present from 2022 from the wonderful imagination of the 5 year old Ms. Maya-Little Skeli.