About the urns

Each person is an individual. We pay attention to our appearance, pay attention to suitable interior decoration.... Why not find the right urn? For all interests, every hobby, every passion there is a corresponding urn motif.

My urns allow people to have a personalized final keepsake that is connected to the memories of how they want to remember their loved ones. In this sense, my urns do not represent sad remembrance relics, but rather emphasize the positive and joyful in life.

Unique Urns are available in two materials. We source our urns from Urnesa AG located in Frick, Switzerland.

Biodegradable urns: made from ARBOFORM®

“This is a new thermoplastic material group. Its starting point is the natural polymer lignin, about 30% of which is formed in every tree and lignifying plant by photosynthesis. After cellulose, lignin is the most abundant natural polymer and forms, for example, a three-dimensionally cross-linked framework structure around the cellulose fibers in the tree trunk. ARBOFORM® consists of 100% renewable raw materials. Technical advancements in recent years have made it possible today to manufacture urns from renewable organic raw materials that are 100% biodegradable. During the decomposition process, a transformation into water, carbon dioxide and humus takes place.”

The urns are hand painted using SENNELIER honey-based watercolor paint. These colors are not waterproof, and the urns are not glazed to ensure complete disintegration making these hand painted urns completely biodegradable and thus, suitable for green burials.

“The advantage of biodegradability: Compared to recycling, which has an aftercare and repair character, degradability is precautionary and saves resources. The natural cycle is closed.”

Clay Urns (fired under 900°C)

The clay urns are painted with acrylic paint and decorated with various elements such as collage, fabric or plastic objects turning the urn into a small memorial for the deceased. Due to the materials used, these urns are not suitable for green burials but rather for home or in a columbarium.

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