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Buy Swiss Skeli a Coffee (Donation)

Buy Swiss Skeli a Coffee (Donation)

Hello Everybody!

Swiss Skeli is writing to ask you for your support. If you don't see anything you like in the shop, why not just buy Swiss Skeli a cup of coffee or invite him out for dinner? Even the smallest donation helps pay to keep The Death Agency up and running, as well as publishing the ongoing adventures of Swiss Skeli on Instagram.

Every Swiss Skeli adventure is a physical, unique work of art. Your donation will go towards buying all the materials we Skelis need to continue making our Memento Mori art: vintage postcards, glass cloches, wooden mounts, foam boards, paints, paper, antique fabrics, anatomical skeletons, frames, glue, and, and, and.

Swiss Skeli and the Gang thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to Swiss Skeli to have your support! Every contributor will receive a personalized letter from Swiss Skeli to print out. Contributions over Fr. 100.- receive an animated Swiss Skeli (gif format).

Have a jolly good day!

Yours Truly, Swiss Skeli

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