Custom Urn Gallery

The Flower Meadow for C

C's flower meadow urn was very special. She called me from her hospital bed and we communicated via email.

She wanted a flower meadow with native flowers and insects. The mountains of her village should be a part of the background. The mouse on the top represents her two year old daughter. I hand painted it to look like a grey mouse. On the top are antique glass flowers as well as antique fabric
flowers, dried grasses and an acorn with the mouse.

It took me five days to paint this urn. I emailed C pictures of the progress every night. That way she could add things that came to mind. I drove around for a whole day just to find the ceramic mouse for the lid. Finally, I found it at a pet store and completely repainted it to give it a more real look.

This was a very special urn created under special circumstances! The family is keeping it at home momentarily, to help her daughter with the loss.

Memorial Urn Sausage for B

The Sausage Urn forB

B is an artist. He knew about my Unique Urn project from the beginning. When he became ill, he told me he wanted me to design his urn. Unfortunately, he died before he could tell me what he wanted. I asked his family to share their memories and ideas with me. Here are two examples:

"Mountains, ski tours, Schrattenflue, this is a mountain in the Entlebuch that has some special features, e.g. the Karrenfeld, there is a legend about this, the Schybengütsch, a prominent part of the mountain. B made his first ski tours there with our father and us brothers. Because he liked it so much, he made ski tours to the Schattenfluh every year with his family and friends. His children and family also decided that the ashes of B, should be scattered on/at this mountain."

"Sausage, cooking, food: A good meal, preferably with family and friends, on any occasion, B was always up for that and that was important to him. The fact that he liked to cook, fabricate and grill all kinds of sausages was a culinary detail."

I knew that he used the colors red, yellow and blue in his artistic work (in homage to Barnett Newmann, "Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?"). He climbed over buildings and into underground pipes during his performances.

All these different aspects of B flowed into this urn.