About Swiss Skeli

Swiss Skeli self-portrait

Swiss Skeli is born as a small “Calavera” in Tzintzuntzan on November 2, 1874 (the Day of the Dead) in the large cemetery of Cucuchucho in the municipality of Tzintzunzan, Michoacan, Mexico. This is the Victorian Age. He grows up to be a real gentleman.

The Life of a Calavera

Sometime in the 20th century, he lands across the sea in the city of Bern, Switzerland, and is therefore named Swiss Skeli. For the most part he never forgets his Mexican roots. Whenever he can, he celebrates the Dias de los Muertos. Ultimately in the life of a calavera, that means every day!

Swiss Skeli decides to hire a Fleshy (skeletons refer to the living as Fleshys) for the purpose of documenting his life and adventures. Swiss Skeli finds an artist Fleshy named Renée Magaña, who has never been afraid of skeletons and found it perfectly normal when Swiss Skeli knocked on her studio door one night.

Meet Aunty Agate Godflower as she comes to visit. See the Boney Inlaws at dinner. Join Skeli as he parachutes in Ascona or goes sailing alongside his sailor brother Gaultier. There is no telling what he will be up to next…


Swiss Skeli says welcome to his grand adventures! Join us.

You can read and see all the Swiss Skeli Adventures on his instagram account: @the_calavera_club

Swiss Skeli's Berne Tour Postcards