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Death Agency

Igor Fairy Skeli

Igor Fairy Skeli

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About Igor Fairy Skeli

Swiss Skeli’s relatives in Paris are very airy and all live in Père Lachaise Cemetery. They take to bustling in and out of the tombs, or through the streets. The Marais is their favorite neighborhood, they love the smells of fresh bagels and lox.

This is a Fairy Skeli anscestor. The Fairy Skeli preserve their ancestors in flight and press them in order to preserve their memory for all time. Swiss Skeli and La Catrina were invited to the tomb in Père Lachaise Cemetery to pay their respects. Here is their photograph of Igor Fairy Skeli a very adept aerial flyer in Swiss Skeli's family.

Painted skeleton, cut out and pasted on vintage wallpaper with antique butterfly wings in antique wooden frame and 4 fabric flowers. Leather hook for hanging on the wall.

The entire piece measures 17 x 13 cm. It is signed and dated on back.

Please note that since these are antique materials, some small tears, pinholes and/or scratches may be visible on the product. Fleshy tries her best to lovingly craft each piece.

The actual colors might differ slightly from your monitor.

This is a small, unique work of art!

Delivery throughout Europe and overseas with normal postal mail. Postage and packaging are calculated at checkout.

You can follow all of Swiss Skeli's adventures on his Instagram account.

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