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Death Agency

Swiss Skeli as Weibel

Swiss Skeli as Weibel

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Swiss Skeli Adventure N° 284

Here we see Swiss Skeli in the costume of the so called “Weibel” in the National Council Chamber. “At a time when there were still landlords and bailiffs, the weibel ensured law and order on the streets and in the court-house. At that time, their duties included running errands, counting votes in elections, maintaining security and collecting fines. (...) In the police sphere, the weibel also participated in the search for delinquents and the guarding of prisoners. In the digital age, the profession seems obsolete. Why are there still Weibel today? Nowadays, they perform administrative and ceremonial tasks. The job profile includes loyalty, good manners and discretion. Thus, the National Council and the Council of States have around twenty-five Weibelinnen and Weibelinnen at their disposal during the session. (In 1997, the first woman made it into office, Switzerland is a bit behind the times Swiss Skeli is afraid). The members of the Federal Council have their personal Weibel. They carry out tasks that would otherwise be more likely to be attributed to a secretary or assistant: Carrying files, organizing appoint-ments, making coffee. Some also work as chauffeurs.” (Tagesanzeiger Schweiz, 05.12.2022)

This postcard is from around 1900. Published April 18, 2023.


All cards mounted on white 250 g/m² paper with trimmed edges. Vintage postcard, overpainted with acrylic paint, H x B cm, no frame. Signed and dated in pencil on back. This can be easily erased in the event you want to use the card.

The cards are packaged in cellophane with an informative text about the history of the image on each card and when it was first published.

Please note that since these are antique postcards, some might contain small tears, pinholes and/or scratches. Fleshy tries her best to lovingly craft each card, but sometimes a tear might be too close to the overall subject to cut it out. The actual colors might differ slightly from your monitor.

Every postcard is a small, unique work of art!

Delivery throughout Europe and overseas is with normal postal mail in cardboard envelopes so nothing should bend. Postage and packaging are calculated at checkout.

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